Our Values

We are passionate about two things here at Whiskeyjack Tea Company; tea, and the environment. That's why all of our teas are ethically sourced and our packaging is all reusable and recyclable.

From time to time your shipment may arrive in boxes with odd, and/or foreign labeling. Whenever possible, Whiskeyjack Tea reuses packing we receive from suppliers. Over the course of a year, reusing boxes saves thousands of pounds of cardboard. However, our reuse of boxes is never at the cost of reduced food safety vigilance.

Our Pyramid Tea Sachets are made from plant-based material (sugar cane, corn, or abaca), both compostable and biodegradable. They are not made from nylon or any other petroleum-based compound. There are also no staples in our sachets.

We are paired with the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), which is an organization within the tea industry that seeks to better the lives of workers and their families in tea producing countries. The goal of the ETP is to provide consumers with a transparent understanding of where tea is grown and how it is manufactured. Everything from fair compensation to health coverage, housing and childcare is closely scrutinized.

Our tea blends are certified kosher, vegan, and we are hoping to bring in more certified Organic choices.

We hope you enjoy our tea and commitment to the environment as much as we do!